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Grimace’s Birthday Game Online Play Free

Welcome to a birthday part of Grimace, the cutest McDonald’s mascot. You have surely met him even you do not know his name. Just try to recollect all McDonald’s ads and campaign. You must have seen a funny purple creature in one of these. Now you understand who it is! So, this is the personage who is having his holiday. It is going to be grand celebration. And you are also invited. Are you ready to join? Of course, you should not miss this funny event! However, you will soon need all your courage!

About Grimace

This character is a company member for a long time. He appeared back in the 70’s and shared all the success of the restaurant chain. Moreover, Grimace has a special mission – he advertises milkshakes. It is his favorite beverage, and he loves to experiment with tastes and flavors. So what can be a better present for his birthday? Of course a new recipe of a shake. McDonald’s has prepared a surprise for their beloved mascot – it is a new shake in purple color.

And it is meant not only for the birthday boy but for the guests as well. However, the story takes an unexpected turn when those who tastes the drink feel terribly unwell. And it is in the better case if they only feel bad. The terrible truth is that they start to die with no obvious reason for it. What is happening? This is absolutely not what the shake was invented for. But wait, soon it is going to be your turn to drink it. Are you ready to find out what the outcome will be? This entertainment has already become viral as different streamers and youtubers rushed to buy purple shake to record what will happen to them. But

Will you safely digest the shake?

You have no choice but also to make a few sips of this fabulous purple drink. And no one can tell you in advance what your personal reaction is going to be. One thing is sure – it will not pass unnoticed. So, embark on a new adventure. You will dive into a series of short horror stories. The story always repeats. In one way or another, the main character needs to drink the shake. You cannot guess the next events. It will all happen spontaneously. But in almost all cases, the life of the hero or heroine are in danger. They start to experience various symptoms of agony and finally die. It does not sound too inspiring, but the dangerous shake has been already launched, and you cannot stop it. But do not forget that you are the next to test it.

And after it, you will find yourself in a strange environment. Now you need to find a way out of it. But it can happen only after a series of tricky puzzles and quests. Are you ready to escape it? You will have to go through a real nightmare to survive. There is no more fun and joy here, only thrills and traps! Use your wits to find a solution in many situations that may seem hopeless. Do not give up too early, maybe you are the one who will manage to remain alive after this mysterious milkshake. Are you ready to for this challenge? Not that there are several endings in this online entertainment. And only one of them is positive for the player!

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