Prepare to be spooked out of your socks in the bone-chilling house of Granny! This crazy and creepy horror game will have you tiptoeing through the haunted mansion of an old lady who isn’t exactly the cuddly type. Brace yourself for a heart-pounding journey as you try to escape her clutches and survive her sinister traps!

One hell of a granny!

You wake up in a dimly lit room, disoriented and unsure of how you got there. Suddenly, you hear the creaking of floorboards and the faint sound of shuffling feet. That’s when you realize you’re not alone. Granny lurks in the shadows, ready to pounce at any moment. With her hunched back, creepy eyes, and a penchant for whacking intruders with a bat, she’s not exactly your friendly neighborhood grandma.

Find a way out before too late!

Your survival depends on your wits and cunning. You must explore the haunted house, searching for clues and items that will aid your escape. Be careful though, as Granny’s ears are keen, and one wrong move could give away your position, leading to a terrifying encounter with her trusty bat. You don’t have too many attempts to fail – just five. Will you make it out alive and well? Start playing and try!

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