Grimace’s Birthday Shake

Get ready for an exciting new horror adventure that has unintentionally been launched by McDonald’s. If you are a fan of this popular restaurant, you should also know its mascots. This new entertainment is devoted to Grimace, Ronald McDonald’s best friend. This lovable creature is well known for his exclusive love to milkshakes. And this purple personage will appear in this thrilling challenge with elements of horror. Forget everything else and immerse yourself in this captivating story! You will not get tasks and instructions here. Everything will unfold spontaneously. And you will have to adapt to the situation and act!

Who do you need to know about Grimace?

If you’re unfamiliar with this character, here is some interesting information. Imagine a large, anthropomorphic beast that looks like an alien. He has a round shape, short arms, and legs—all in a vibrant shade of purple. Grimace originally appeared in the role of an evil monster who would steal milkshakes. But time changed the personage and fully transformed him. Now he is a friendly and endearing figure whose only desire is to enjoy another milky beverage. But something unexpected happened that has brought to unpredictable consequences.

Grimace celebrates his birthday in summer, and as part of the coming celebration, the company decided to release a new milkshake. Unfortunately, what started as a great idea took a thrilling turn. This time, the delicious milkshake is not intended only for the purple character but for you as well! And the consequences are far from being funny as many situations show. Are you courageous enough for this daring adventure? Do not say afterwards that you have not been properly warned! But remember that you must be fully focused on survival no matter how helpless you may feel.

Drink the treat at your own risk!

You’ll be offered a peculiar purple beverage, but rumors suggest it could be poisonous and kill you. Is that someone’s evil joke? Who knows, you must taste it yourself to understand how it works. Nobody can tell you what to expect. The outcome of this action is uncertain. Yet, you’re willing to take the risk, aren’t you? This game represents a collection of engaging mini-games where you find yourself or other players in various bizarre situations after consuming the vibrant milkshake. In most of these challenges, you’ll encounter a transformed Grimace—a monstrous being hunting you down.

In some episodes, you might even wake up inside Grimace’s body. Regardless of the story development, you must act swiftly to survive. Employ different strategies and tactics to outsmart your opponents and deceive everyone you encounter to claim victory. Prepare for an abundance of thrilling moments as the mini-games are full of unexpected twists, that have been caused by just one milkshake. No one can anticipate what will happen to the next player who dares to taste it. Sometimes the result is undeniably horrifying. Characters really die in a lot of cases. Are you still ready to take a few sips of this purple beverage?

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