Night Of The Consumers

Get ready to experience the retail apocalypse like never before in the hilariously crazy game Night of the Consumers! Prepare yourself for a wild shopping spree through the aisles of a bizarre and chaotic supermarket, where the customers are more terrifying than the items on the shelves. Fix your badge, grab your shopping car and let’s go!

The mall goes crazy!

In this loony game, you’ll take on the role of an unlucky retail worker, trying to survive the night as hordes of insane and demanding consumers flood the store. It’s like a retail nightmare on one of those energy drinks you sell, with customers who defy all logic and reasoning. From the moment you step foot into the store, you’ll be bombarded by an avalanche of absurd requests and relentless demands.

Deal with the customers and make it till morning!

The customers, who seem to have abandoned all traces of humanity, will stop at nothing to get what they want. It’s a battle of wills as you try to navigate the aisles, restock shelves, and serve the needs of these eccentric and borderline insane shoppers. So let the Night of the Consumers begin, and hopefully you’ll survive it!

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