Poop Killer

Serial killers can come with the strangest fetishes. And the villain of this game is no exception! He has some sort of beed with people who don’t flush after themselves in public WCs. So he has made a life mission of hunting them down and making sure they don’t leave a floater anywhere ever again. And now you’re in his scope!

The weirdest serial killer in history

In Poop Killer, start out ordinary worker at a VHS video store, surrounded by shelves of cheesy movies and a faint smell of nostalgia in the air. But one fateful day, a customer commits the ultimate sin and clogs the public toilet without a care in the world. Little did you know, this act of negligence would trigger a maniacal killer, convinced that you’re the culprit behind the clogged commode!

Survive the bathroom hunt!

Now, armed with a plunger as your makeshift weapon, you must navigate through the twisted aisles of the video store and avoid the clutches of the relentless maniac. It’s a race against time as you search for clues to clear your name and survive the wrath of this bathroom vigilante. From stealthily sneaking behind movie posters to ducking behind shelves, you’ll have to use your wits and quick reflexes to avoid the relentless killer. Good luck!

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