The Grimace Shake

Everyone is talking about the Grimace Shake, the revolutionary beverage that has taken social media networks by storm? McDonald’s has successfully made it go viral without even the slightest intention to do so. Are you also curious what exactly happened and gave birth to a series of exciting games about a purple shake? It promises to be an incredible adventure! You’re probably familiar with Ronald, the iconic mascot of the fast food restaurant. But have you met his milkshake-addicted best friend? We’re sure you’ve guessed it by now – it’s Grimace! Do you know this lovable creature? You have a great chance to interact with him and learn him better.

A mysterious shake starts a nightmare!

This personage has spent his whole life with a fast-food restaurant chain. He helps the company to launch its campaigns and advertise various food, milkshakes in particular. His birthday is approaching. And Grimace received a fantastic gift on this day. Knowing his insatiable love for milkshakes, McDonald’s created a new recipe just for their beloved friend. Can you guess the main surprise? The milkshake is in the exact same color as this cute creature – a delightful shade of purple.

Not only Grimace gets a chance to enjoy it. The same treat is being offered to all the restaurant’s guests, and everyone seems thrilled about trying something new. However, people are telling weird things about the Grimace Shake. Dreadful rumors say that those who have consumed it will die immediately. Is there at least a bit of truth in these assumptions? You will have no idea until you try. Now everything depends on your courage and determination. Are you brave enough for this cool challenge? So let’s delve deeper into it!

It is your turn to empty the glass now!

With the viral trend spreading across the internet with the light speed, it’s understandable that you’d be curious to try it for yourself. But will you join the unfortunate players who have supposedly spent last moments of their lives after tasting this purple beverage? Your personal outcome in this challenge remains unknown. Nevertheless, you’re determined to put it to the test, aren’t you? Prepare yourself for a series of short horror episodes that will unveil the most unexpected scenarios after consuming the Grimace Shake.

It’s bound to be a thrilling adventure for courageous players like you! You do not necessarily need to instantly die. In many cases, you will be forced to survive in a spooky environment. Navigate through a multitude of ridiculous obstacles to see if you can emerge victorious. In some episodes, you will even face transformed Grimace who will try to capture you. Do not hesitate there’s plenty of fun promised throughout the journey! This entertainment has been already tested by many popular streamers who dared to drink the shake. Now it is your turn to show your scenario. The main question remains without a definite answer – will you manage to remain alive or not?

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